Become a member of  Eka Volunteers initiative for Social Development-EKA today by acting, giving or both.


1.Through calling your community,policymakers, and Agenda setters to action on critical issues within the society.

2.Inviting and involving your faith

groups in campus, and colleagues to join and the support.

3.Participating in our empowerment and advocacy campaigns.

4.Becoming an EKA ambassador in your community by joining in person as a volunteer or in online campaigns and calls to action in order to bring about the change that we can all believe in.


To help provide resources that enable big changes occur; At EKA every amount and kind of support you give sees our empowerment multiply our impact not only in improving the standards of living for the youth and women, but also create a world that understands better the strength in empowering the community.

Give through the following ways;

1.Make a donation 

2.One time giving 

3.Daily, weekly, and monthly giving 

4 Honorary/ Memorial giving 

5.Estate giving and Bequests

At EKA we believe that development happens when the tiny actions of change occur. All of us together, we support and provide a platform far beyond the communities we live in.