EKA means home. Our dream is to create opportunities for the youthful community in Uganda to live a life of a purpose.
We imagined that the better way to start is through a home and by that, we empower people from where they come from, and we believe through doing this, better communities will be created.

As we get closer to the people, we learn more about their challenges and how interesting it is to work together towards getting solutions.
The most target group here is women aged 15-50 years with the hope that women are better change makers.

As a team, we phrased the challenge into a problem statement. However, the problem statement seemed complicated. It didn’t threaten us but rather challenged us for a solution, imagining how communities could be better places for the youth to live in. Imagine a scenario where a

prison could be renovated or upgraded into a workshop or community social Centre for the youth to learn, acquire and practice hands on skills for development,hence the concept of EKA was adopted.

Having listened to the call of serving, they decided to pull ropes together so as to empower communities to change lives. The concept entailed sustainable development goals like quality education, gender balance, better nutrition & health among others. ” we considered relevant approaches that could take us to achieve the goal. We developed the concept, tested & evaluated its outcomes. We seek to spread our wings to an extended community. Within five years, we wish to reach out to a 1 million youth. We tailored a CONUSD-strategy that engulfs counseling, Nutrition and health habits then Skill Development so as to make a connection between youth everyday activities to real world possible & desirable. The staffing that includes professional counselors, health workers, social workers and volunteers with a professional is equal to the job”


Empowering communities, changing Lives.


To empower members & the youth with life skills for better standards of living.



To become a leading role model in empowering the youth for development.


Core Values

EKA leans against a three-dimension(3-D) core strategy; based on Empathy, Knowledgeable, Acceptance (EKA).


We are present to deeply understand our clientele’s experience and effectively communicate.


As we serve, we strongly appreciate that our clientele is well informed. We only empower them to facilitate change their lives.


We believe by accepting communities with their different gaps, we are in a better position to empower them to live better lives.


• To organize and provide career development to the youth in schools,
Universities, and Village levels

• To organize social activities for purposes of building more ties of unity among the youth for purposes of sharing information and skills to enhance their standards of living.

• Provide counseling, guidance, mentorship to youth, pupils, students & parents.

• Organize conferences, talk shows, seminars, workshops, training about health, nutrition case for a good living.

Challenging issues in the community

•Drug abuse
•Young parents ( early parenting by teen mothers due to sexual abuse)
• Increased orphan ratio (1/4 of learners)
• Increased joblessness.
• HIV/ AIDS spread among the youth still prevails.

Possible outcomes of the program include

  • Ability of people to understand themselves and deal with challenging situations in their lives.
  • The youth will adopt better nutrition and health habits.
  • Hence the youth will be in a better position to manage their own life
  • Gender balance among the youth will be enhanced.