About EKA.


In short, EKA means a HOME, and we describe ourselves as a team determined to create opportunities for the youthful community in Uganda to live a life of a purpose. EKA looked at reducing imbalances & inequalities in the communities as well as increasing awareness of challenges and resources around them.
We imagined that the better way to start is a home and that by empowering people from where they come from, better communities will be created.  Read More


Empowering communities, changing Lives.


To empower members & the youth with life skills for better standards of living.


To become a leading role model in empowering the youth for development.

Girl- Child empowerment

We are aware that the girl child has the ability and potential to change her self and others just like boys do So long as they are attended to, empowered and equipped with life skills based on respective personal preferences. We are confident that once we train a girl child, we would have trained the entire nation.

It’s a fact that more girls fail to achieve their goals due to a low esteem they attach to themselves that’s why we made it a priority to empower them with skills of self awareness which enables them to believe in themselves. This entire journey helps them make a rightful life changing decision. However, we don’t exclude boys who are willing to be helped.

Professional School-Based Counseling

We work with students/ learners towards identifying their potential to attain academic success. Our enthusiastic , hardworking and self driven school counseling specialists and skillful Volunteers do the job. The students/ learners are empowered strategies to study with a purpose through development of Individual Academic Plan (I.A.P). and working towards maintaining it.

Through the Professional School-based counseling, we enable students/ pupils learn personal management skills that how to connect themselves to others, understand themselves well, identify their relevance to other people, own responsibility towards their actions & more. We work with them towards connecting school success to world success.

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